Why Buy Casey's Cookies

Why Buy Casey's Cookies

Why choose Casey’s Cookies over all the other cookies available online?  Not only do we bake the most amazing cookies, we are a Cookie Company with a Cause. 

Casey’s Cookies mission is to train and employ the disabled to bake and sell cookies online.  The ultimate goal is to create a residential community where Casey’s Cookies employees can live in close proximity.

Casey’s Cookies was founded out of a need that Casey’s parents witnessed first-hand.  Casey was born with a rare disorder called Goldenhar Syndrome.  She has had multiple surgeries to correct hip and spine deformities, is hearing impaired and is moderately mentally retarded.  Despite her many physical and mental challenges, Casey maintains a positive attitude.  She has an ever-present smile, a desire to help others, and a love for great cookies.

Casey’s parents recognized that there were few opportunities beyond high school for Casey and the many other physically and developmentally disabled children they had met when visiting Casey’s classrooms over the years.  So, they drew upon their online business experience and created Casey’s Cookies, a 501c3 not-for-profit online company.  Casey’s Cookies started in June of 2010 and now employs an Executive Director, a Kitchen Manager and three disabled young adults, including Casey. 

Mentally disabled adults, like all of us, want most to work in an environment that is safe, family oriented, and intellectually stimulating.  Each Casey’s Cookies employee is given a task for the day.  One may be mixing, another “scooping”, and one may be especially good at cleaning all the dishes and pans when they’re done.  What they all have in common is a sense of pride in their accomplishments.  The wonderful smell of fresh-baked cookies fills the air at our fully-certified commercial kitchen located in Largo, Florida, but also present are the sounds of joy and laughter.  Carefully screened volunteers come alongside each disabled adult to be sure all health and safety procedures are being followed, and they offer a ‘gloved’ hand when needed!

We hope you’ll try one of our many flavors of cookies, including Chocolate Chip made with Ghirardelli chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon Chip, Vermont Maple, and our most popular Sugar Cake cookies.  Special orders don’t upset us!  We all love a challenge, and Casey’s Cookies employees are ready to bake and sell their cookies with the extra attention you’ll appreciate with every bite you take.

You can buy our premium, fresh-baked cookies online at this website.  Once you’re convinced that we sell the best cookies you’ve ever tasted, please spread the word to your friends through our Caseys Cookies Facebook page!  When you buy cookie gifts from Casey’s Cookies, you help us to offer new hope to physically and mentally disabled adults.  Casey's Cookies are truly cookies with a cause.

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