Meet Casey of Casey's Cookies

Meet Casey of Casey's Cookies

Casey of Casey's CookiesCasey was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, a congenital birth defect that includes deformities of the face and spine, and in some cases mental retardation. 

In addition to having a low IQ, Casey is severely hearing impaired, and has had nine major surgeries to correct curvatures of her spine and severely dislocated hips. 

But, throughout her physical ordeals, and despite her reduced ability to comprehend, Casey has never lost her sense of humor or her love of people.  She has learned to read and write, and can solve simple math problems.  She loves Gospel music, and credits God with healing her. 

Casey is a 2010 special diploma graduate of Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the daughter of the couple that helped establish Casey’s Cookies.  She was one of the first four developmentally delayed individuals hired to be a part of Casey's Cookies, and spends every morning in the kitchen assisting with cookie preparation and packaging.

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