Sanitary Cookie Preparation

Sanitary Cookie Preparation Casey

Casey's Cookies bakery products and cookie gifts are prepared under the supervision of trained volunteers in a fully-licensed commercial kitchen located in Largo, Florida.

cookies prepared in commercial kitchen

Florida has very strict rules governing food preparation. In addition to requiring that the cookies be baked in a state licensed commercial kitchen with all necessary health permits, a certified food safety supervisor must be present, and all participants are required to be trained in proper sanitation practices.  

Food safety is a top concern of the Casey's Cookies staff and volunteers.  We use only the freshest, premium ingredients in our cookies, and apply the highest standards possible to cleanliness.  Everyone involved in the cookie baking process is required to wear hair nets and disposable gloves. cookie kitchen for casey's cookies
cookie kitchen for casey's cookies Cookie baking is as much an art form, as it is a science.  We are blessed by having some of the finest bakers in Florida assisting our participants in the kitchen.  So, what you get are premium quality cookies that simply can't be matched for great taste. 
We hope you'll try Casey's Cookies soon, and then when you receive the Yahoo! follow-up survey by email a few weeks later, please give us your opinion.  We hope that you enjoy the cookies, and that you'll tell others as well. cookie kitchen for casey's cookies

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